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Scale back

We’re going to take a step back here and acknowledge that I’m stressed. Like, I just ate way too much cheese straight stressed. But that’s okay, dairy is fine. I may react very badly to it but is that really a concern right now? No. The concern is that I feel like giving up. I’m … Continue reading


I feel rushed. That makes life really stressful. There isn’t anything immediate that needs to be done but it’s the feeling of what’s to come that is really stressful. That stress turns to lazy and shutting off from everything.

A small, big lesson

It took a lot of time to truly internalize that making mistakes is okay.

Stress! Come On!

I’m not actually that stressed in this exact moment. It’s a reference to a kpop song that I remember pretty much every time I’m stressed. 

Funny but hella bizarre

I still can’t believe someone back in high school tried to make me jealous by telling me that she was married to a fictional character I liked.

So here’s the deal – everyone should watch Treasure Planet; procrastination is related

This habit started in high school. Probably grade 11. I was stressing out even though I was fully prepared. Or at least that’s how I remember it. I had an exam but I needed to do something that wasn’t school related before I went back to studying. I needed to do something I didn’t care … Continue reading

What I keep on me when I leave the house i.e what’s in my back pack – travel, school, etc

I was not a fan of purses and though I’ve accepted they are really useful I find a lot of options to be really impractical. When I’m out I only keep what I need on me in the most efficiency way possible. I like to be hands free because otherwise I feel burdened. I do … Continue reading

Inadequacy and stomping feet

I want to be mature about this but honestly, stomping around like a two year old feels so much easier right now. One thing I’ve never liked about adults i.e. everyone older than me ever, is how unfair they’ve been. Nothing but a bunch of liars really. Side note – I’m gonna work on the … Continue reading

Why I almost didn’t go to university or pharmacy school

I know it sounds dramatic but there was a lot of thought put into it. Expectations – so many from so many people; it almost felt like a curse at times. The dramatization isn’t gonna stop soon apparently. Classmates and friends and teachers and just the natural order of things dictated I would go to … Continue reading


My Dada passed away early last month. It was difficult because it was a real person I actually knew, talked to and always saw, just gone. I had a conversation with one of my cousins a few years back, when my grandfather’s health started to decline. We talked about how death would come and it … Continue reading

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