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This is me having more satirical fun, the good ol’ days

*peers over my laptop* I’m still here.

Okay, for some reason I like to torture myself and NOT complete stuff I need for the next day until like 11 pm and instead, I work on things that are due several days later.


Why do I do this to myself?

There was some logic to this at one point but I’m clearly procrastinating despite my efforts.

The original intention was that if I put off what was most imperative I’d get more done in the day. Instead of lazying around after doing the most immediate tasks I’d get ahead by first working on other stuff.

It only makes me suffer, because I still put off my work.

Why? What the fudge man??

Ugh, the only redeeming factor is that I’ve finally started getting better at this. Slightly better but anything’s an improvement. I need to hype myself up. Where’s the narcissism gone? I don’t feel like myself anymore. WHY AM I PANICKING?

*dusts clothes off*

Yeah so I’ve been shit with time management and I’ve gotten better. Better to the point I can look myself in the mirror and not scoff. Not that I really ever look in the mirror anyway.

Don’t want to end up a flower.




Why aren’t you laughing?


No, it’s not because I’m not funny it’s because you’re uncultured.


About ArtemisDSII

I'm a Muslim Pharmacy student that likes to do things but doesn't seem to get around to them. Feel free to get in touch


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